Business & Professional Women’s Association of PNG

About the Business & Professional Women’s Association of PNG

What is BPW?


The International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International), which was founded by Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips in 1930, is a network of business and professional women with affiliates in 80 countries in five continents. BPW has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and participatory status with the Council of Europe. Its members include influential women leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, professionals and young career women.


BPW affiliates contribute to society by enabling women to sustain themselves economically. In addition, BPW offers personal development programs for members such as mentoring, leadership training and e-Business training. Since 1996, BPW affiliates worldwide have helped over 45,000 women to become economically empowered.


BPW projects assist women to:

  • Enter and re-enter the workforce
  • Start up and advance their business or profession
  • Protect their rights
  • Overcome their limitations
  • Create a nurturing environment in work, education, health for women development


What is BPW Port Moresby all about?

The BPW Port Moresby is a local Non Government Organisation under the umbrella of the National Council of Women in Papua New Guinea. BPW Port Moresby was established in 1982. The club has approximately 35 members who meet to discuss topics of interest such as health, law reform, stress management, different cultures Guest speakers are frequently invited to address the club.


Our aims are:

  • to promote the interests of and to encourage cooperation among business and professional women in Papua New Guinea and other countries.
  • to encourage women and girls to further their education at every level.
  • to work for equal opportunities and status for women in the economic, social and political life in Papua New Guinea.









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